Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil – Which Should You Choose?

Pouring Oil into Funnel into Engine


Have you been presented with a synthetic vs. conventional oil decision at a Columbia quick lube shop? Most drivers aren’t sure which to choose. But don’t worry. The service center staff at Jim Hudson Toyota wants you to be prepared for your next oil change. So, we’ve put together a comparison below to help you with your synthetic oil vs. regular oil debate. We even do a detailed synthetic oil vs. synthetic blend comparison, as well.

Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil – How They’re Made

You’ve seen those oil wells pumping away, extracting crude oil from the ground. That’s conventional oil. Contrary to popular belief, this oil did not start as dinosaurs, but rather as organisms that lived around the same time as dinosaurs. Synthetic oil, on the other hand, is created from chemicals. That turns out to be an advantage on the synthetic side of this synthetic oil vs. regular oil comparison, especially since many of our Columbia customers are concerned about using up fossil fuels. 

Synthetic Oil vs. Regular Oil – Viscosity

Any synthetic vs. conventional oil comparison should address viscosity, or the ability of the oil to flow through the engine. Conventional oil contains more contaminants than synthetic oil, resulting in more engine sludge and buildup. Synthetic oil flows better at all temperatures because it is cleaner. That means the various parts of your engine are better lubricated with synthetic oil. All of this translates to better engine performance, including better gas mileage in many cases. Synthetic oil also has to be changed less frequently than conventional.

Full Synthetic Oil vs. Synthetic Blend – What’s the Difference?

Synthetic blend is pretty much what the name sounds like. It’s a blend of synthetic and conventional oil. So, it performs better than conventional, but not quite as well as full synthetic. Synthetic blend is also less expensive than full synthetic oil, which is often taken into consideration when comparing full synthetic oil vs. synthetic blend.

Let Jim Hudson Toyota Do Your Next Oil Change

We make it easy to get your oil changed at our service center. You can even schedule an appointment online. It’s affordable, too, thanks to our service coupons. We’re just a short drive away from both Lexington and Chapin. So, visit us in Irmo or contact us today!

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